Francesca Magliano is a DJ/ Producer from New York City.  Her Journey to becoming a DJ started back in 1995 as a hobby in college. One that revolved around house music, vinyl and mixing.  "I simply got into mixing because I was a club kid, who developed an addiction to house music. I got  turntables so I could make mix tapes of this music I loved which back then was really only available on vinyl."  She spent several years behind the turntables practicing and playing for fun before she had her first DJ gig. This enabled her to develop her mixing skills to a level which gained her respect.  "It was all about mixing to me, not becoming a DJ.  I was listening to Louie Vega on Wednesday nights at Sound Factory Bar, and Junior Vasquez on Sunday mornings at Sound Factory.  They influenced me to want to learn to mix as well as they did."  As she learned to mix she started to feel as if she wanted to spin at a club,  just once to see what it would be like. This  happened in 1999 when she played her first gig for a well known party called Kerfew. "It was such an amazing and surreal experience, the energy between  the people on the dance floor and myself was crazy." It was in that moment she knew this was something she wanted to peruse. 
    19 years later her love for music  has grown beyond house music.  She has had  many great opportunities to play all around the city, the country and the world. She played  at some of her favorite parties and along with some of her favorite DJs, like  Louie Vega and Todd Terry at Roots.  Jellybean Benitez at  Aint' Nothing But A House Party, and at Danny Krivit's Party 718.    It was in 2012  when she was brought out to Switzerland to spin at a party there, that she had her first international DJ gig.  She has  also been to Paris, France  several times as a resident DJ of the Mellowdy party.  Francesca Loves to play a wide variety of house music and rather not  stick to any one genre. She will bring together deep, soulful, tribal, afro, tech,  and some progressive house sounds to build the energy on the dance floor. 
    In 2004 Francesca began to play around with making beats.  It is  something that in recent years she has become more serious about.  She is now working hard and is  focused on working in the studio to be come  a great producer..   She has several remixes out on various house labels that can be found on Itunes, Traxsource, and Beatport.   
     Lately She has been buying musical instruments which she loves to play around with. Her goal is not only to produce a record but to write all the music as well..   She is working on her first album of original work which she hopes to finish sometime in the near future.